Sports car

Sports car, rc club, vehicles, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol,

The standard rc car, suitable for everyone and ready to race and perform all the stunts you can imagine. Not the fastest, not the slowest, but the most versatile.

Monster truck

monster truck, vehicle, rc club, destruction tour, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol,

The monster truck will let you crush and destroy everything on its path! With its big wheels and high suspension you'll love to make your own monster truck show.

Cargo truck

Cargo truck, vehicles, rc club, truck, transport, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol,

Be wary to not drop the cargo on the truck while you drive! It may be slow, but who doesn't want to transport goods enjoying the views driving peacefully? Or you can always go for a crazy driving style and throw the merch around...

Drifting car

drifting car rc club, vehicles, drift, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol,

Drifting is your passion? Then this car was made just for you and your personal use. Prepare the best drift path you can and challenge yourself and your friends in order to be the best rc drifter!

Formula 1

formula 1 car, vehicle, rc club, speed, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol,

RC Club does not only have standard cars, we have an amazing Formula 1 if you like to feel the speed! The fastest car will grant you new possibilities to experiment with, but don't crash, please, it may hurt you.

Muscle car

Muscle car, rc club, vehicle, fast and furious, fast & furious, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol

RC fans, here we have the american muscle car. Perform wheelies if you are capable of and feel like you are driving in one of the most famous car movies in the world!


Limousine car, rc club,vehicles, limo car, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol,

The limousine or limo has been introduced in RC Club to show you the potential of a large luxurious car. If you are skilled enough, test your abilities and make a circuit suitable for this big one.

Classic car

classic car rc club, vehicle, hot rod, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol,

Do you like classic cars and hot rods? Then, this is your best choice. It has the fastest turbo along with the formula 1, but it's not that fast unless you push that pedal! And as you can see, you can spit flames, cool isn't it?