Track builder

Stunt pack

Stunt pack for rc club, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol, it has loops, ramps and launchers

The stunt pack will provide you with a wide variety of loops and launchers made of concrete to secure your success. You can jump around spinning your car, perform mortal jumps, backflips, frontflips, you'll even be capable of sky rocket your rc car with practice! Use the loops to test your rc driving skills, but remember to be fast enough or you will fail the attempt.

Crazy pack

crazy quantum physics pack for rc club ar motorsports, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol

The craziest pack you'll ever find in a sandbox rc game! With the crazy pack get ready to feel and learn about the physics that involves movement. Make your rc car float around, repel it with the magnets, stop the time briefly or launch it rapidly across a ramp! The limits are only on your mind, be creative and make the strangest or fastest circuit with this items.


Autoschool pack for rc club, iOS game, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol

Getting the rc driving license is not an easy task, but with this autoschool pack maybe things will be easier to imagine and practise. Park your rc car, do your own circuit with cones, light poles, concrete fences, cars and traffic lights. We'll give you an idea, do a circuit and challenge your friends to accomplish it and park the car at the end.

Monster pack

Monster truck pack for RC Club AR motorsports, iOS game, ar game, radiocontrol

Fire and destruction has come to RC Club - AR Motorsports. To compliment the monster truck, we have made the monster pack, which will help you create the most amazing shows in this rc sandbox! You can go across a ring of fire, jump above the caravans and cars or simply destroy them with your big monster truck, and don't forget to drift around the sand and jump into the platform to finish the course flawlessly.