Who does what: the team

Let's meet the team, which seems like a really important topic. Video games are made by people, at least until machines and IA replaces us all 😉

The Creative​

​​Miguel García & Víctor Chacón at Abylight offices.

​From front to back: Alberto González, Ricardo Fernández & Carlos Corella.

Miguel Garcia, @miguelgarciacor, this is the guy that breaths, thinks and dreams RC Club. He is in charge of the creative direction of the game, the development of the technology behind it that lets us build on top of ARKit, coordinates the dev team and designs up to the smallest detail so RC Club has the “wow” factor.

 Carlos Martos, @karde9, developer. He's been taking care of the programming of the in-game GUI, the sound system and the input controls that simulate a driving remote control device.

Alberto González, @alberto_mcalby, also an old timer developer, capable of doing program, music, FX, design... He is the “NEO” of pixels, where others see “games” he can see where a pixel is out of place. In RC Club, he's taken the role of musician and sound designer. You are welcome! 😉

Víctor Chacon, @Voctor_Iep, our junior developer, he's learning the “ropes of the trade” creating content and helping with QA.

Daniel Carmona & Alex Nebot are learning video game development as Technical Artist, working on the cars that will be included in future updates of the game.

The Behind-the-Behind-the-Scenes-Team

Ricardo Fernández, it's been for ever developing video games and has programmed for almost all Nintendo machines since 1990. He's taking care of programming the stats that are going to help us track what gamers really do with RC Club.

Carlos Corella, @corellatweet, keeps up with press contacts, updates #screenshotsaturday and helps out with the creation of certain marketing assets.

From right to left: ​Carlos Corella, Carlos Martos, Ricardo Fernández and Alberto González.

We couldn't complete the list without mentioning our team of testers, the ones that have to make sure that the game runs smoothly and bug free: Alex Gallega (currently studying at Tecnocampus - Mataró), Alex Gonzalez and Anna Mósina (currently studying at CEV) and the focus group from ENTI that came before we launched and gave us insight on how users might interact with the game.

Me, Eva Gaspar @bcn_gaspar, I am writing this blog posts, making sure that everyone that should know about this game gets to know it, answer all the posts and feedback received so far in the AppStore and other outlets. Also, I make sure that production runs smoothly.

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