rc club roadmap, we are investing all the time we got to convert the feedback of the community into new and better features

First Update: our wall and the feedback

Hi Everyone,

here I am again, Eva, with a bit of delay because of life... I wanted to post on Monday but alas. Here we go!

We have a board where we stick all the ideas we want to implement in the game. 

We “can see” 3 updates in consecutive order in time with a clear path of development. 
The Update we are currently developing is better "fixed" than the ones planned for the future and then there are 4 categories where each item belongs: "Tech & Base", "Collecting", "Social" and "Gameplay".

Even if our list is “short”, like in this first update, many things jump in the bag as super important, need to be done, and get added to the dismay of the dev team  WTF

Since the first brainstorming, we were very set on developing in accordance with what users and players wanted. The point is to listen to the audience and learn what seems more important and perceived as necessary to improve the game.

The first days, with very little downloads accumulated (under a 100 units a day), feedback was “slow” in incoming, friends were very kind to participate, but still nothing remarkable was happening.
Then numbers changed, on Monday 8th we went up to over 3 thousand downloads, on Tuesday 9th 
over 10 thousand units, and so we picked at little over 27 thousand units in a day Beer! Now, it feels like feedback is flowing in. From happy gamers and annoyed ones, but all very useful to us   Tears of Joy

The congratulatory are a very nice and welcome tap on our back, the negative keep us on our toes to make sure that the game is working fine, where users are having troubles, is it me or is it you?? It is not a matter of fault, it is a matter of knowing how to solve it, do we need to explain better?, do we need to improve the tech part of the game?, can we improve the tech part of the game??  Roll Eyes

And then there's my favorite ones, the ones that give feedback on how to improve the experience for everyone. I love these ones because that person has taken the time to first, play the game, second, think about what would make it even cooler for him/her and others like them, third, take the time to write and explain.

Ah, and mind you that some leave feedback with 1* and some with 5*, like:

  • “No matter how long and what I tried in various different rooms could not get it to scan” 1*
This is a common problem with this technology, it is very sensitive to the lightning of the room in order to interpret the images that is recording with the camera.
Tough for us to solve it until Apple continues improving the hardware.

  • “It’s a good game with easy controls and I like the 3D Touch idea the only thing is it makes my phone get very hot so I can only use it for a certain amount of time, other than that it is a good game” 3*
AR uses the camera, the CPU... it needs a lot of battery to sustain the game working. However, in order to improve the user experience, we will be implementing some features that will help us save energy.

  • “It is a great game but you have to buy most of it. I think it would also be really cool if you and your friends could play together if you both had the app” 4*
This is a good one, there is a complaint, but there is an improvement on gameplay. Wouldn't you also agree that multiplayer would be awesome? We are definitely work on it, but as we are a small team we have to prioritize.

And on this note, my next post will either be about the team that are developing the game or delays in production or what to answer users on their ratings or ... do ask  Smiley 

Thanks a million for reading  Gentleman

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