DevLog 01 RC Club – AR Motorsport

Hi everyone!

Today I, Eva Gaspar from Abylight, kick off here our DevBlog for RC Club, our latest video game for iOS using ARKit. The point is: developing a F2P as an indie dev. The true development starts when the first release happens, up until then, it's all prototyping. So, I guess this devblog will be a bit different from what you are used to.Enter your text here...

We kicked off development of RC Club back in August 2017. Of course, we had been working on it several weeks prior, brainstorming, testing, prototyping, researching… Anyway, at the time of release (January 4th), the game had been under development for almost 4 months.

We wanted to set up the basis of a great game based on video game quality and spectacular use of technology, you know, achieve the “wow” factor. 

From that point on, keep building the game with the community feedback. 
Think about it, originally we were going to invest only a couple of months on a kernel of game play, but our compromise with high quality for Apple standards kept pushing the release date until January.

Very late December, like 28th, we got some awesome and on point feedback from Apple's Editorial team, did some changes and were ready to release.

Coming from developing for consoles, where release day is release day, meaning everything works from moment 0. In mobile one has to wait until servers refresh and update… It takes time, so we weren't fully on until Friday. Then, RC wasn't appearing anywhere… Crisis. Not many downloads, but some. Until January 8th when RC Club was included in its category: AR Game, or in this case Amazing AR Games
Well, needless to say, things have change dramatically. 

Thankfully, many are now able to find out by themselves that we achieved the level of quality that the technology deserved. I say many because AR requires to own one of the latest models of iPhone (from 6S or above) and be updated to the latest software (iOS 11).

This is our first F2P game, we are learning as we go. Probably, we'll do some mistakes and we'll learn. Hopefully, you will be part of it. Here is a space where we can share this road.

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